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Program of XXIV edition


We are presenting the program draft of the XXIV edition of WELCONOMY Forum in Toruń. The below mentioned guests were invited to a discussion. The personal squad and the subject composition can be modified slightly. There will be some changes due to the final agreements, We would like to invite  to Toruń and  do encourage to look at our website www.welconomy.pl







 13 March  2017

Plenary Session



Greeting all the guests according to their appearance on stage:


Mikołaj Bogdanowicz –  Voivode of the Kujawsko- Pomorskie

Piotr Całbecki – Marshal of  the Kujawsko- Pomorskie

Michał Zaleski – President of  Toruń

dr Jacek Janiszewski – President of the Curriculum Committee of the Integration and Cooperation Association


Subject: The world’s economy due to the European Union changes



Moderator: prof. dr hab. Jerzy Buzek –Chairman of the Industry, Scientific Research and Energy  Committee of the European Parliament, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in 1997-2001, President of the European Parliament in 2009-2012

Honorary Guests :

dr Jarosław Gowin –  Vice President of the Ministers’ Council,  Minister of Science and Higher Education

Krzysztof Jurgiel – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

dr Jerzy Kwieciński – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development

dr Marek Cywiński –  President of Board in Kapsch Telematics Services

Krzysztof Krystowski – President of Board, Managing Director PZL Świdnik

Paweł Zygarłowski – President of Board in TEB Akademia Ltd..Founder of Banking Academies




14 March 2017

Plenary Session



Subject:  Social innovation



Moderator: prof. Michał Kleiber – Ambassador of the European Committee responsible for the European narration, President of the Polish Science Academy in 2007-2015

Invited guests:

Wiesław Janczyk – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finances

ks. prof. dr hab. Stanisław Dziekoński – Rector of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Univeristy in Warsaw

dr Małgorzata Legiędź-Gałuszka – Rector of the National Higher Vocational Academy in Włocławek

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Tretyn – Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

  1. profdr hab. inż. Tomasz Topoliński – Rector of Jan and Jędrzej Śniadeccy Science and Technology University  in Bydgoszcz

prof. dr hab. Jacek Woźny – Rector of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz

Paweł Zygarłowski – President of Board in TEB Akademia Ltd..Founder of Banking Academies





















13-14 March 2017

Discussion sections



  1. 1.      The New Silk Road – a chance for the economy development


Moderator: Marek Miszkiełło – President of the Euro Asian Foundation for Business Education


Paweł Bukowski – Proxy of the Kujawsko – Pomorskie Voivode responsible for economy

dr Marceli Burdelski – The Eastern Asia Studies Center at Gdańsk University

Jerzy Kandziora – The Polish – Chinese Friendship Association – the Silesian Deparment

Ernest Kuś – President of  Eudeco Ltd.., coowner of Cathay Associates Ltd.

Jarosław Żak- Member of Borad in Hatrans



  1. 2.      The energy clusters- a new participant at the integrated energy production market


Moderator: Olgierd Dziekoński – Secretary ofState in the Republic of Poland President’s Office in 2010-2015

Honorary lecturers:

Andrzej Piotrowski – Undersecretary  of State in the Ministry of Energy Production


prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Kiciński – Manager of the Flow Engine Institute of the Polish Science Academy

Mieczysław Koch –  President of PGE Renewable Energy

dr Sławomir Kopeć – Manager of the Advanced Technology of the Furute City at Stanisław Staszic Mining and Steel Academy in Cracow

dr inż. Andrzej Sikora – President of  the Energy Production Institute



  1. 3.      Modern constructing, Intelligent infrastructural  systems.


Moderator: Jerzy Widzyk – Minister of Transport and Marine Economy in 2000-2001


Piotr Krzystek – President of Szczecin

Tomasz Mironczuk - Expert, Market Economy Research Institute

Karol Polasik – President of Board in VOBACOM Ltd.



  1. 4.      Public finanses in health service

How to reduce the debt of the hospital and improve its existance – Let’s talk about the reality.

The usage of public data in administration and self-government


Tomasz Chałowski – Solution Architect, Qlik

Jarosław Kozera – JSKonsulting

Tomasz Samagalski – Sales Manager, Hogart Business Inteligence



  1. 5.      Modern territorial self-government development and transformation directions in the social  and management perspective


Moderator: Andrzej Potoczek – Vice Manager in the Regional Development Department in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Marshal’s Office


Adam Banaszak – The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship City Councilman

dr Zbigniew Brenda – The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Space and Regional Planning Office in Włocławek

prof. dr hab. Janusz Golinowski – Professor at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz

Mariusz Leszczyński - The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Space and Regional Planning Office in Włocławek

prof. dr hab. Adam Sudoł - Professor at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz



  1. 6.      Milk and sugar quantity elimination ( part I and II )


Moderator: dr. hab. Adam Traczykowski – Professor at Jan and Jędrzej Śniadeccy Science and Technology University  in Bydgoszcz

Honorary lecturers:

Jacek Bogucki – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developement

dr Jarosław Sachajko – President of the Parliament Commission in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developement


Waldemar Broś – President of the National Milk Cooperative Union

Waldemar Humięcki – President of the Rural Real Estate Agency

Daniel Obajtek – President of the Rural Reorganization and Modernization Agency

Andrzej Łuszczewski –  Vicepreisdent of the Rural Market Agency

Paweł Piotrowski – President of the National Sugar Company Ltd.

Wiesław Drewnowski – President of Board at Animal Inbreeding and Seed Enrichment  Station in Bydgoszcz

dr inż. Zbigniew Lach – Inbreeding Institute Department  in Osięciny



  1. 7.      Can the Polish army modernization activate the Polish economy?


Moderator: Paweł Poncyljusz – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy in latach 2006-2007

Honorary lecturer:

Bartosz Kownacki – Secretary of Statein the Ministry of National Defense


Dariusz Koenig – President of  KenBIT Sp. J.

Krzysztof Krystowski – President of Board, Managing Director PZL Świdnik

dr Michał Szewczyk – Banking Academy

Janusz Tomaszewski – Vice President of the Ministers’ Council in  1997 – 1999



  1. 8.      The perspective export markets – Latin America, Africa, India, Iran


Moderator: Andrzej Jonas – Chief Editor of „The Warsaw Voice”

Honorary lecturer:

dr Jerzy Kwieciński – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development


Jacek Dona-Rospędowski – Partner at GK I Company Ltd. and Main Partners Company Ltd.

Jerzy Drożdż – Manager of the Foreign Affairs Office at the  National Economy Chamber

dr Monika Wyrzkowska-Antkiewicz – Banking Academy

dr Stanisław Rakowicz –  HonoraryConsul ofPeru



  1. 9.      Future of the private higher schools in Poland.


Moderator:  prof. dr hab. Marek Jacek Stankiewicz – Rector of Banking Academy in Toruń


prof. nadzw. dr Włodzimierz Majewski – Rector of Bydgoszcz Academy

dr Krzysztof Niegowski – Rector of Business Academy

doc. Krzysztof Sikora – President of Economy Academy in Bydgoszcz

dr Marek Waszkowiak – Rector of Managers’ Academy in Konin

dr Małgorzata Baran – Vice-rector responsible for strategic development at Collegium

dr Dariusz Grzybek – Rector of Uni-Terra Academy  in Poznań



  1. 10.  What is the base like? Sports infrastructure, ownership, risks and development perspectives.


Moderator: Anna Draspa –  Chief Expert at Science and Innovation Agenda


Monika Chabior – NGO activist, „Nasz Orlik” koncept creator

Marcin Drogorób – Manager ofSports and Turistic Department at The Kujawsko – Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office

Tadeusz Kowalski – Mayor of Tuchola

Marek Olszewski –  Mayor of Lubicz

Aleksandra Plucińska – Manager of the Sports Infrastructure Department in the Ministry of Sports and Tourism

Maciej Wiśniewski – President of Basketball Club ”Twarde Pierniki Toruń”

Krzysztof Wolsztyński – President of the  Kujawsko-Pomorskie Athletes’ Association



  1. 11.  Post- truth in media and in the Internet. Communication paradigm change. Social and business communication consequences.



Katarzyna Drewnowska – Toczko – „What is the name of Obama’s dog- tal king about personal branding in Instagram”

Artur Jabłoński – „Successful advertisement at Facebook”

Dominik Pokornowski – „PR tricks or rather PR business communication at Twitter”


Moderator: Katarzyna Toczko, Dominik Pokornowski - 3.14 Public Relations


dr Barbara Brodzińska - Mirowska, Nicolaus Copernicus Univesrity, Journalism and Social Communication Department

Łukasz Pawłowski – Journalist of Kultura Liberalna 

Stanisław M. Stanuch – An Independent Journalist 

prof. Andrzej Szahaj - Nicolaus Copernicus Univesrity,  Philosophy Department


  1. 12.         Poland 3.0 – The biggest multimodal, infrastructural Project in Poland, created to use the inland navigation potential. Modernization of Odra Waterway,  modernization of the part of the Vistula River, the connection of  the Dunaj – the Odra – the Łaba, the Baltic Sea – the Adriatic, the Baltic Sea – the Black Sea. The inland navigation as an essential link in the multimodal transport according to Poland 3.0 Program.


Moderator: Bogdan Węgrzynek – President of the National Innovative Enterprises’ Cluster, an  expert of Poland 3.0 Program


prof. dr hab. Zygmunt Babiński – Dean of Kazimierz Wielki Phisical Education, Health and Tourism Academy in Bydgoszcz, Manager of the Waterways’ Reviatalization Department, an expert of Poland 3.0 Program

Wołodia Chervonyi - Ukraine 3.0 Program Coordinator.

Angelika Jarosławska – Poland 3.0 Program Coordinator, Vice president of the National Innovative Enterprises’ Cluster, an  expert of Clusters’ Policy

Marek Niemczyk – President of the Tax Payers’ Association, an expert of Poland 3.0 Program

Jozef Tobola -  an engineer, an expert connected with government and non-government Czech transport instituations especially with the Island wtaerways’ ones, an expert of Poland 3.0 Program.

Andrzej Voigt – The International Affairs Coordinator, Poland 3.0 Program


  1. 13.  Innovations in agriculture vs growing regulatory demands focusing on plant protection chemical substances. Crops protection at the time of hiper regulation


Moderator: Wojciech Denisiuk – Chief Editor of Farmer weekly


Marek Łuczak – President of Syngenta Polska

Bogusław Rzeźnicki – Manager of the Plant Caltivation and Protection Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

prof. dr hab. Marek Korbas – Manager of the National Plant Protection Research Institute

Wojciech Mojzesowicz – Minister of  Agriculture and Rural Development in 2007

Juliusz Młodecki – President of the National Rapeseed and Protein Plant Producers’ Association

Krzysztof Nykiel – President of Board of the National Sugar Beetroot Producers’ Union

Zdzisław Piątek – Manager of the Polish Garden Union

Stanisław Stobiecki - Sto-konsult Stanisław Stobiecki




  1. 14.  The Polish Man, God , honor, homeland- talking about identity.


Moderator: Robert Banasiewicz – Addiction Therapy Expert


prof. dr hab. n. med. Aleksander Araszkiewicz – psychiatry expert at „Łaźnia Miejska” Araszkiewicz Health Center

Krystyna Woźniak-Trzosek – President of Board, Chief Editor of ”Polish Market”

ks. prof. Jan Przybyłowski – Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

ks. Miłosz Wardziński – Protector of the Matrimony in the Bishops’ Court in Toruń Diocese

Anna Wróblewska-Zawadza – Informal Inniative Group



  1. 15.  Poland-Belarus – new directions of the economical cooperation


Moderator: Jan Król – Vice Marshal of the Republic of Poland Parliament in  1997-2001

Honorary lecturers:

Aleksandr Averyanov – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Poland

Wladimir Domaniewskij – Chairman of  Mohylew District


dr Ireneusz Bil – Manager of Amicus Europea Foundation

mec. Tomasz Darowski – Partner at Domański – Zakrzewski – Palinka Lawyer’s Office

Kazimierz Zdunowski – President of the Polish-Belorussian  Trade and Industry Chamber



  1. 16.  Women as the innovative activities’ initiators at the rural areas.


Moderator: Agnieszka Odachowska – Proxy of the Women’s Congress


Justyna Borzym – Vice- manager of the Social Matters Department in the Zachodnio-Pomorskie Voivodeship Office

Katarzyna Kosno –Jeziorak Zaborsko Antigue Building Museum

Irmina Olejnik-Czarwonka – a farmer, a food technologist, an economist

Katarzyna Rogaczewska – Vice- manager of the Rural Area Program Department in the Marshal’s Office in Szczecin

Grażyna Zaremba-Szuba – a restaurants expert,  ”Dworku Tradycja” Bełczna owner

Ewa Zimny-Rumińska – an economist, UN and EU expert responsible for gender, President of the International Women’s Forum cooperating with Trade Academy in Warsaw



  1. 17.  A Woman in the modern business’ world


Moderator: Kinga Chalecka – President of the Women’s Business Forum Association, an owner of  „Inne Spojrzenie” (”New Way of Looking”) training company


Aleksandra Łukomska-Smulska – Women’s Entrepreneurship Ambassador, Vice-president of the European Women’s Union- the Polish Section, an active entrepreneur for over 20 years

Joanna Czerska-Thomas – a coorganizer of „Charmsy Biznesu („Business Charms”) meetings for Ladies , an owner of  M4Bizz Marketing Agency

Lucyna Tataruch –  a sociologist, an editor of ”Miasto Kobiet” (”Woman’s City”) monthly , a journalist of  ”Biznesu Kujawsko-Pomorskiego” (”The Kujawsko –Pomorskie Business”) daily paper and other Polish Press Group newspapers

Wiesława Gierańczyk – Head of the Analysis and Regional Research Report Department at the General Statistics’ Office

Mirosława Wilk – Właścicielka gospodarstwa agroturystycznego ”Wilcza Chata” (”Wolf’s Hut”) agrotouristic farm owner, a finalist of „Rolnik-Farmer Roku 2016” (”A Farmer of the Year- 2016”) Competition, two-time recipient of „Złotego Półgęska” (”Golden Half –goose”) award in Przysiek

Wioletta Zwara – Manager of the Statistics” Office in Bydgoszcz



  1. 18.              Juncker’s Project’s impact on the Polish economy


Honorary lecturer:

Witold Słowik – Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Developement


dr Czesław Siekierski – Chairman of the  Agricutlutre and Rural Development Commission in the European Parliament

Andrzej Halicki – Minister of Administration and Digitalization in  2014-2015

prof. Michał Kleiber – Ambassador of the European Committee responsible for the European narration, President of the Polish Science Academy in 2007-2015

Bożena Lublińska – Kasprzak – President of the Polish Entrepreneurship
            Development Agency in 2009 – 2016

Janusz Steinhoff – Vice-president of the Ministers’ Council  in  2000-2001



  1. 19.              Children’s and youth’s education- why do big comapnies get involved in the youngest’s education? What are the results of the initatives taken by enterprises?


Moderator: Hubert Biskupski – Chief Editor Deputy of”Super Express”


Andrzej Czernek – Member of Board, CEO of the Polish Promotional Emblem ”Teraz Polska” (”Poland Now”)

Zdzisław Kupczyk – President of the Polish Cooperativity Company Ltd.

Anetta Rutkowska-Jaworska – Manager of external communications and CSR of Jeronimo Martins Polska Company Ltd.



  1. 20.  Psychology in business


Moderator: Andrzej Chalecki –  an owner of  „Inne Spojrzenie” (”New Way of Looking”) training company, business and self development coach, motivator


Tomasz Janik – an owner of the training brand „Tomasz Janik Personal Coaching”, business coach, a licenced FRIS psychometric research metodology coach

prof. nadzw. dr hab. Tomasz Kruszewski – an academic lecturer at the Economy and Management Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, , business and self development coach, psychotherapist and court mediator, coocreator of communications and psychology in business at NCU in Toruń and Banking Academy 

dr Joanna Rajang – an owner of the training company „Personel System”, a business psychologist and  a business coach

Maciej Witkowski – an entrpreneur and marketing specialist who has been active for over 16 years, connected with advertisment, event and training fields



  1. 21.  Exclusion from the labour market


Moderator: dr Marcin Kilanowski – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń


Antoni Bocheński – President of Board in Run Chłodnia in Włocławek

dr n. med Agata Deja – a medical rehabilitaion specialist, a head of Hospital Rehabilitation Department for Children in the Rheumatological Hospital in Sopot, a member of the Analytic Group in the Agency of the Medical Technology Evaluation and Scales 

Grzegorz Franki – President of Higher Silesia Union

Agnieszka Sznajder – An expert of ”Lewiatan” Confederation, an author of the Variaty Management at your work place” report



22. Cultural safety as an innovative element in the European Union

Moderator: ks. prof. dr hab. Henryk Skorowski – An International and Interreligious Dialogue Center Coordinator at Cardinal Stafan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Sociological conditions of the cultural safety in Europe


dr Grzegorz Abgarowicz, Problem of safety of population from Karabach and Ukraine

dr Leszek Buller – Sociology Institute at  Cardinal Stafan Wyszyński University in Warsaw,  Innovation in transborders’ and trans national programs within the limits of the European  funds – The European Project Center

dr Sylwia Jaskuła – The National IT and Entrepreneurship Academy in Łomża, Cultural safety in the virtual space. Pedagogical challenges.

prof. dr hab. Leszek Korporowicz - Jagiellonian Univesity in Cracow, Subjects of cultural safety

podinsp. dr Zbigniew Kazimierz Mikołajczyk, Impact of varius cultural crime on the citizens’ sense of safety

dr hab. Aldona Piwko, Problem of culture variety in Europe – cultural characteristics of the Moslem Middle East



23. Future of the electric buses in cities , chances and obstacles.


Moderator: Marek Pol – Vice-president of the Ministers; Council , the Minister of Infrastructure in 2001-2004


Tadeusz Ferenc – President  of Rzeszów

Robert Malinowski – President of Grudziądz

Marek Wojtkowski – President of Włocławek

Michał Zaleski – President of Toruń

Krzysztof Żuk – President of Lublin





   The challenges of contemporary management in the global economy: leadership, strategies, social responsibility



Planned discussion sections that are being prepared:


  • · The natural gas and LNG development- a chance for the regional government and entrpreneurs
  • · Grafen – the material of the future
  • · The environmental  protection
  • · Finances, investment and cooperative banking
  • · Equality at the local level
  • · Business link
  • · A big success of small communes and cities, is it possibile?
  • · OPP – a strategic tool of non-governmantal area
  • Making a rural area vocationally active
  • · The Polish National Parks -  the invasive spieces as the European problem
  • · Silver Biznes
  • · Books- Reading in Poland

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