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Program of XXV edition


     12 March 2018


Debate: Polish economic situation comparing to the European Union and the                  World


prof. dr hab. Jerzy Buzek – Chairman of the Industry, Scientific Research and Energy Committee of the European Parliament, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in 1997- 2001, President of the European Parliament in 2009- 2012.


dr Jerzy Kwieciński – Minister of Investment and Development Inwestycji i Rozwoju

Krzysztof Tchórzewski – Minister of Energy

Paweł Borys – President of the Polish Development Fund

dr Marek Cywiński – President of Board  of  Kapsch Telematic Services

Tomasz Sakiewicz – Chief Editor of “Gazeta Polska”

Sławomir Jastrzębowski – Chief Editor of ”Super Ekspress”


                                     12 March 2018

                                DISCUSSION PANELS



Innovation in the energetic sector-  guarantee of the national energetic safety.

Moderator: dr  Andrzej Sikora – President of the Management Board of the Energetic Studies Institute


Future of the Special Economic Zones in Poland.

Moderator: Jerzy Widzyk – Minister of Transport and Marine Economy in 2000-2001

International cooperation

Moderator: Dariusz Szymczycha – Vice-president of the International Europe- North- East  Association

Credits and other banking instruments as an element of the national economical development.

Moderator: Zdzisław Sokal – Advisor of the President of the Republic of Poland- Andrzej Duda, President of the Management Board of Bank Guarantee Fund

Challenges and directions of the senioral policy in Poland and in Europe. 

Moderator: Mieczysław Augustyn- President of the Senate Family, Senioral and Social Commission

Directions of the Polish companies’ development in 2018 and in the future

Moderator: Krzysztof Gorzkowski – PR and Marketing Manager in Kapsch Telematic Services Poland

Challenges of the modern medicine

Moderator: Jakub Szulc – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health in 2008- 2012

Innovations in the plant agriculture production - qualified  sowing material

Moderator: Lucyna Talańska – Klich – Leading Editor of the Economy Section in “Gazeta Pomorska”


Antiterroristic safety of the public usage buildings – searching for the innovative solutions

Moderator: mjr dr inż. Jarosław Stelmach- Safety Project

Are the unique agriculture branches endangered to be extinct?

Moderator: Jacek Węsierski- Manager of the Agriculture Advisory Center in Brwinow

Tasks of the development funds according to a new agenda

Moderator:  Olgierd Dziekoński – Minister in the President Bronisław Komorowski’s Office in 2010- 2015

100 years of the Polish air force and navy

Moderator: Krzysztof Krystowski – President of the Management Board and the Managing Director of PZL Świdnik Company Ltd.

Common Rural Policy according to 2021- 2027 financial perspective

Moderator: dr Andrzej Hałasiewicz – Member of FAO Program Committee

RODO European Decree concerning Personal Data Protection, Cyber Insurance according to RODO

Labour market


    13 March 2018


How to promote a region or a city successfully at the international grounds?

Moderator: Agaton Koziński – Journalist, editor of “Polska The Times”



Moderator: Andrzej Jonas – Chief editor of “The Warsaw Voice”


Impact of science on the innovative economic development of the country

Moderator: dr Tomasz Marcysiak – The Banking Academy in Toruń


Modern business woman- Aphrodite or Athena?

Moderators: Katarzyna Cichocka and Kinga Chalecka – Women’s Business Forum Association

Railway infrastructure in Poland: barriers and development challenges

Moderator: Piotr Król – Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland, President of the Subcommittee responsible for railway and posts.

Polish country at Wild West- woman’s activity at the Polish country within the last century

Moderator: Agnieszka Odachowska – President of the “Razem” (Together) Foundation responsible for the rural area development

Do we have too much water? H₂0 as a strategic raw material

Moderator: Klara Ramm- Szatkiewicz – Representative of the Polish Federation EurEau, Business Development Manager Veolia Energa Poland


Poland vs. smog. Let’s  talk about  clean air

Moderator: dr  inż. Krystian Szczepański- Manager of Environment Protection Institute – National Research Institute


Heads of Self-Government’s Units Convent

Experts: Wiesław Janczyk – Secretary of  State in the Ministry of Finances
                Marek Zagórski – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Digitalization



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